DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Synopsis

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a story about Rip Hunter – the brilliant inventor and a time traveler, who after seeing the terrible future, goes to the present time to assemble a team of modern heroes and villains, trying to avoid the apocalypse.

Hunter manages to find a group of people who owns phenomenal abilities and introduce them to each other. In the ranks of the elected ones there are Kendra Sanders, a girl who is still going to realize that she is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior able to grow wings and known as the eagle; Sarah Lance, who is a dead from the Assassins League, but later resurrected and known as the White Canary; Professor Martin Stein, talented nuclear physicist specializing in the transmutation of matter, which is one of the halves of the firestorm; Jefferson “Jax” Jackson who is the budding student-athlete who has finished his career due to injury as well as Martin Stein, who is the second half of firestorms; Mick Rory and Leonard Snart are companions and supervillains known as the Heat Wave and Captain Cold who used to commit their crimes with high-tech Lab technologies of STAR; Ray Palmer – incredibly wealthy businessman, scientist and inventor who has created a high-tech suit that allows flying, shrinking in size, and not only and has the name of Atom; Carter Hall is a young man who is the latest reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, capable of becoming a winged warrior and bearing the name of Hawkman. Green Arrow and Flash become the head of this company and their desire to create the one team and support the team spirit. The heroes will have the chance to go to another era and stop Vandal Savage who is going to destroy the whole world and time in general.

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