Feud, partisans and cherry pie: The most anticipated series of spring

In the next three months, several prominent series will appear on our screens, among them “Twin Peaks”, “American Gods” and “Iron Fist”.


Ryan Murphy is once again teaming up with FX to work on the next teleantology. This time, he will talk about the most famous quarrels in history, and the first eight-part season with the subtitle “Bette and Joan” is devoted to the enmity of two movie stars – Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, in particular their merciless graters (sometimes even getting to grips) while working on Robert A. Aldrich’s classic thriller “What happened to Baby Jane?”. The legends of the movie are played by Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lang, and from the second plan she even darks in the eyes: Judy Davis, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Cathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Catherine Zeta Jones and many others. As if this is not enough, Brad Pitt is also listed in executive producers.

Next year the studio pavilions will give way to the palace halls. Ten episodes of the second season of the anthology with the subtitle “Charles and Diana” will, as is not difficult to guess, are devoted to the relationship of the Prince of Wales and his now deceased ex-wife. If you enjoy this kind of tv show but want some more relaxed I can recommend for you download jane the virgin tv series.

Iron Fist

In March, under the light of the spotlights, the last of Marvel’s “Defenders” (not to be confused with Andreean’s) is released – Iron Fist, in the world known as Danny Rand. Soon he will team up with Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage in a crossover, and for now Netflix in 13 episodes presents the audience with a character played by Finn Jones, famous for his role as Laura Tyrell in The Game of Thrones. You can make Iron Fist tv show download from Netflix or similar streaming service.

It is believed that the young Rand died with his parents in a disaster in the Himalayas, but 15 years later the hereditary billionaire returned to his native New York. Overgrown, bomzhevaty and with superpowers, he plans to get into his hands the family business and show ill-wishers that his kung fu is better. The creator of the series was Scott Buck, who scored a hand on such TV projects as “Dexter”, “Rome” and “The client is always dead,” and now also working on another Marvel show “Nelyudi”. In addition to Jones, in the first season of the “Iron Fist” will also appear Rosario Dawson, David Wenham and Jessica Henvik.

The Son

The series is based on the epic novel by Philip Mayer, which through the history of three generations of one family, in fact, tells the story of America. Mayer himself also made one of the creators of the series. He was helped in this by people who gave the world “Hemlock Grove”, namely Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman. The first season, consisting of ten episodes, will cover about half of the novel. It is dedicated to the story of Eli McCullough, who grew up in the Comanche tribe, who killed his parents. 60 years later Eli tries to keep his farm, incorporating relations with Native Americans into a successful business. In this story, reminiscent of the best works of Faulkner and Steinbeck, the leading role is played completely by Pierce Brosnan, a powerful, bearded, in a dusty hat. He will wheeze, throw knives, shoot a revolver and be proud that he was born on the same day with an independent state of Texas.


John Ridley, winner of the “Oscar” for the screenplay of the film “12 years of slavery” pretty goof “Ben-Hur” and is now trying to rehabilitate this mini-series. In the “Guerrilla” action takes place in London in the 1970-ies, when Britain operated on a government Agency Black Power Desk. Its aims included the suppression of political activities of the black population. Of course, the activity is not choked, but simply went underground. A pair of activists in the execution of Frida Pinto and a Woman Sizea helps run a political prisoner Kent (Idris Elba), and together they organized a guerrilla cell to combat the Black Power Desk.

“Guerrilla” is a joint project of the Showtime and Sky Atlantic, which at the moment may be particularly relevant, given the movement of Black Lives Matter and police brutality against colored people on both sides of the Atlantic.