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Top TV Shows of the 2015-2017 years, which become popular:

The Night Manager is a spy drama, a mixture of such feelings and emotions as love, hate, suffering and betrayal. That’s what it is new and ambitious series, based on the novel of John Lee Carre, written twenty years ago. History tells us about modern crime.
The protagonist is working undercover in the hotel. His main task is to penetrate the criminal syndicates involved in the arms trade. This is quite a difficult task which requires the former soldier Jonathan Payne maximum concentration and accuracy, because if he is disclosed, it is unlikely he will be able to survive. Watch the incredible criminal history, full of interesting stories, performed by talented actors pleasure, which you can also get by looking television series The Night Manager.

The Last of Us is a TV series which will tell you of the days and events that await us in case of the real end of the world. The plague which absorbed our planet is crawling with the number of infected and dying people, most of whom died a long time ago. Huge cities that once had millions of people now look like abandoned ghost towns.
In order to survive, it is necessary to unite, so did the main characters of the series The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie. They wander through the ruins of America and try to survive these tough times together. Will they be able to stay alive? How will they behave in certain severe extreme situations? And the main question is whether they will be able to save the remnants of humanity to restore the former mode of life?

Youth comedy series Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life will tell you a story about a group of friends who move to live together in one apartment.
They have long dreamed to do what they like. Being dependent on nobody, guys do not deny themselves in anything, live to the fullest and enjoy the best years of their lives. However, a simple attitude to everything going leads the fellows to appear in the absurd and dangerous situations, which in recent years have increasingly persecuted friends. But twenty years old friends always find a solution to even the most complicated and hopeless situations. What are the difficulties and the adventure will happen to them? Fox Company has scheduled the premiere of the television series on the first decade of 2016. Follow the latest news about the show taking place.

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The Catch is a brand new series, which is a criminal and dramatic life story of a young woman named Alice Martin.
The main character has almost everything in life: successful work, a huge wealth and a loved one. But everything is being destroyed in a moment. Being a successful forensic accountant, she investigates financial fraud, the largest of which were uncovered thanks to this woman. Her success and material wealth she shares with her boyfriend by the name of Keiran. However, she has even no idea what kind of person he is and what he can do. At one point, Alice realizes that she has become a part of the financial fraud, organized by her fiancé. Kieran has disappeared, taking with him the case with securities over which Alice works and two million dollars. The main character does not lose heart and intends to find the offender no matter what it costs.

The Family is an absolutely fresh drama TV series filmed by the ABC channel which traces the political motives.
The plot of the series begins with a very happy moment – long-lost son of the main character Claire Warren, who also is mayor of the city is back. At the moment, she is actively involved in her political career. The appearance of the missing twelve years ago boy will bring joy to some, while for others the major problem. In the first place it will affect those who have something to do with this. Sergeant, who worked on the case, is going to pass a major trial, due to which he could face punishment. What now will be with a man who has been accused in the disappearance of a young guy? The return of the son is quite profitable for Claire, given that she is involved in a political race and at any cost is going to win it. The controversial and mysterious plot twists are waiting for the viewer while watching the series The Family.